Black Harbour EP

by die Zerstörten

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The second EP from die Zerstörten.


released April 26, 2016

Stuart Jones: Vocals, Programming, Synths, Guitar.
Julie Von Tapse: Vocals



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die Zerstörten Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Black Harbour
It’s all been for nothing. We’re always falling for something.
We lost them, no crying. The ocean has swallowed the dying.

Escaping from nowhere, with nothing and no-one to mourn us.
Inviting, enriching, the dream of a new path will break us.

Hold me and love me
We’re always falling for something
It’s all been for nothing.
We’re always falling for something

We wept on the harbour, drawing our faces together.
The black tiles for our short lives, the skin dies and the soul binds to heaven.
Track Name: Slave
On the Eastside they are waiting in the fallout of the shaming

I swear when you let me out only freedom will embrace me.

Was it wrong to save your life?

Your slave.

Here’s a song to make it right

Your slave.

On a short leash, it’s so degrading and the cruelty is amazing.

You bite down and they’re applauding. The fluid spills now, it’s so galling.
Track Name: Mayday Beach
For the pride of your faith, you’re ready to die. You’re deluded.
Fallen grey on their faces braiding their lies. Now we’re running.

You promised you’d spare them and take me. The sea is washing the enemy’s army.
The pictures are frightening and making you cold. But they know.

Another seaside, another grey day.
Another ceasefire, another Mayday

All the rage in the ground, now a million arise from the ruins.
All this space we created after the fire. We can do it.

The messenger burned before me.
It’s morning, but God it’s stormy.
The sea is exciting, whenever we go and we know.
Track Name: Entry Points
There’s a knife in me, don’t know how it got there.
I try not to move it cause it’s soothing.

There’s an IED hidden under your garden.
A tip toeing danger underneath you, you’re not safe.

There’s more then, in my words. I know you’re not feeling good.
It’s morning in our world, I know we’re not really through.

It’s the final reprieve, another meal of sadness.
As you’re crawling from the darkness.

You’re eyeballing me, but everyone's lonely and everyone’s frightened of the noises, in the sky.